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Wedding Skin, Hair & Makeup Preparation Guide

Updated: May 20, 2020

You are investing a lot of money into looking and feeling your best on your wedding day so here is a guide to help you!

12 MONTHS: Book hair and makeup

6 MONTHS: Book hair and make trial (6 weeks prior minimum)

1 WEEK: Confirm timings


1. Hair & Makeup

Whether you plan to have your hair styled and make up applied professionally or have gone for the DIY option, make sure you have considered how you want everything to look on the day. Pinterest is a great tool for inspiration and for creating wedding mood boards.

2. Time of year

Consider the type of makeup look and hairstyle according to the time and year and weather. A bold red lip can look fantastic for a winter wedding whereas for a summer wedding, you might choose to go for a glowing, sweat-proof look. When it comes to your hair, in summer you may choose to have your hair up off your neck and face whereas in winter, Hollywood waves could be a good option.

3. Hair & Make Up Trial

Try to have both appointments on the same day to see what works well together. Bring all accessories you plan to wear as well as images of your dress. Images are the best tools you can use to get across what you want from your hair and makeup artist. When attending your trial, please ensure your face is bare and your hair clean and dry unless you are having a blow dry of course. Wash and dry hair one day prior unless you have excessively oily hair.

4. Wedding album

When it comes to photography, digital colour can wash you out which is why as a makeup artist, I always recommend going a little heavier particularly with lipstick and blusher. Having makeup that looks glowing and dewy can look stunning, but it is important to not overdo the highlighter otherwise you can appear shiny in your wedding album. More importantly, no one wants flashback in their photographs which is why I only use products with no more than an SPF of 15.


Skin Fundamentals

The key to flawless makeup is a flawless base. Everyone has imperfections but preparing your skin in advance of your wedding will help the way the makeup sits on your skin. Having a good skincare routine is essential for healthy, clean, clear skin. This combined with exercise, plenty of water and healthy diet of course! Things like illness, menstrual cycles and taking certain medication are factors that can affect the hormones and body’s immune system leading to uncontrollable changes to the skin no matter how much we do therefore these must be taken into consideration. Having a good skincare routine is essential for healthy, clean, clear skin. In my experience ensuring you cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night along with drinking at least 2 litres of water per day (more if you exercise) is the best way to good skin.

3 Step Skincare Routine - Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise

Having a good skincare routine is essential for healthy, clean, clear skin. In my experience ensuring you cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night along with drinking at least 2 litres of water per day (more if you exercise) is the best way to good skin. This three-step process is essential for the skin and it provides the best canvas for everything you do afterwards! A cream-based cleanser applied on dry skin then removed with a hot, damp muslin cloth will easily remove daily grime and makeup. Afterwards, apply a little toner with a few cotton pads and wipe over the face and neck to give a final clean prior to applying moisturiser according to your skin type e.g. dry, normal, oily or combination. Skin type can change according to several factors including things like the weather, medication, diet, and any hormonal imbalances so you may find you need to use different products according to your skin at the time. For instance, I often use a moisturiser for dry skin in winter but the most part, I use a moisturiser specific for combination skin.

Tip: Use a fresh muslin cloth every other day to ensure you are not re-introducing bacteria back into the skin.


Hair condition, colour, length & style

This is not the time for an impulse bob! Keep it simple and natural and if you plan to grow out a fringe or layers, ask your stylist to take a smidge off the ends, then keep your hands off! Regarding your hair colour, make sure you schedule appointments in advance in the lead up to the wedding day, so you keep your roots looking fresh. Regarding your hair colour, I would advise against making any drastic changes as mistakes (or regrets) will take time to put right. For instance, I have seen so many brides wanting to go from dark to very light for their wedding day but unless you have a good 12-18 month stretch to achieve a lighter look, steer clear! Use a deep conditioning treatment once per week from now on and lay off the heated tools. Consider the style of your dress as well as the jewellery you plan to wear to help you decide whether your hair will look best up, down or a bit of both.

Cost: Cut & Blow Dry: £25-£30/ Restyle & Blow Dry: £30-35 / Colours from £30

Hair Extensions (100% Human)

If you are planning to wear hair extensions and have them ready before your trial, please bring them with you. If you haven’t yet bought any hair extensions but wanted to get some advice first, that’s absolutely fine as I can often tell quite quickly having looked at your hair type and the style you are aiming for to establish whether or not you need them first. If you do plan to purchase hair extensions in advance f your trial, please check and make sure they are 100% human hair bought from a reputable supplier and ensure you are provided with a thorough consultation where a colour matching service has been done to ensure you get the best shade and blend as well as the number of extensions required. With 100% human hair this means you can wash and style them as you would do with your own hair.



Most makeup counters will give you advice and allow you to test out a range of products but don’t feel pressured into purchasing anything until you have been around a few counters to help you decide which products work best for you. I advise having a makeover then wear the make up for a few hours to see how it feels/works on your skin before making any purchases. Do not be shy in asking for free samples!


Making sure you have the right skin base is essential as it affects how the rest of your make up is applied and looks! Choose a foundation with a minimum SPF of 15 as this will prevent flashback in photographs. Alternatively, you can apply a moisturiser containing an SPF allowing to absorb into the skin at least 10 minutes before applying your foundation over the top.

Makeup style

Think about the shades you want and make sure that if you opt for a bold red lip to go subtle on the eye and vice versa. Think about whether you plan to have soft kohl or liquid liner with a flick for a more dramatic look. Did you plan to have cluster or strip lashes applied? It might be an idea to try these out at your trial to see how they feel before the big day!

Spray Tan

Plan to have a spray tan? A tan can make you feel and look even more amazing on your big day! Before you go for a spray tan, consider the shade of foundation and other make up that will work with this. I ended up getting a free sample of Estee Lauder Double Wear two shades darker than my usual Porcelain hue as I decided to get a spray tan for my wedding. This sample lasted me four make up applications! My advice is to try getting a spray tan well in advance of your wedding so you can see how you look and feel. Better still, have your spray tan ready for when you go for a session at the makeup counter or with your makeup artist to get the best foundation to match your new shade!

Cost: Individual Spray Tan - £20 / Block book two or more - £15 per tan.



Book a brow grooming appointment. Beautiful brows take time and patience. Achieving a good arch shape and having them tinted and waxed for enhanced definition will work wonders. Not only will your eyes stand out more, makeup application will be a dream!

Tip: If your eyebrows are a little sparse from over plucking, Rapid Brow is one example of an eyebrow growth serum to be used twice a day. Results are visible within a few weeks!

Cost: Eyebrow Tint: £7 / Eyebrow wax: £7 / Eyebrow Tint & Wax: £12


Do you want to get your lashes to look longer, thicker, and fuller? Rapid Lash is one example of an eyelash growth serum which you apply twice daily along the lash line. You will start seeing results within a few weeks!

Eyelash Lift

Try this amazing treatment to get enhanced length, volume and lift lasting up to 8 weeks suing your natural lashes! Imagine waking up every morning with lashes that stand up without the need for curlers or mascara…. yes please!

Cost: Eyelash Lift - £30 - £35

Cluster Party or Strip Lashes

If you really want to make your eyes pop, cluster party lashes which can last up to 7 days are an excellent alternative to strip lashes or very costly semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Strip and cluster party lashes come in variety of different sizes and styles.

Cost: Eyelash Tint: £8 / Cluster Party Lashes: £15 / Strip Lashes: £10

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