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Wedding Dresses & Hairstyles

Question: I have an off-the-shoulder gown for my wedding but I’m not sure what to do with my hair. What styles do you suggest?

Before anything else, think about the dress itself in terms of the style, material and fit. Perhaps you have opted for a clean cut, understated dress with little detail? Maybe your dress has more of a relaxed boho vibe, or you have gone all-out with lots of sparkles, a huge underskirt and train?

Next think about your hair type, length, and thickness. Whilst your stylist may be able to work wonders and things like hair extensions can be used to add length and volume, you need to be realistic about your expectations and how comfortable you will feel. Do you plan to wear any jewellery, hair accessories or a veil? If so, these things all have an impact on the overall result.

Just because you have chosen an off the shoulder dress may not necessarily mean you want to bare too much flesh. However, if you are comfortable with your neck on show then a relaxed romantic bridal bun with soft cascading curls could be a good option. Alternatively, to help break up the space between your dress and neck, a curly twisted half up half down style or some glamorous Hollywood waves may be more fitting. If your dress has more of a boho vibe, then having your hair down and wavy topped off with a flower crown can look stunning. A polished bridal ponytail or chignon with a little volume and texture can work well teamed with a simple, clean cut understated dress.

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