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Preparing for your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Arranging your hair and makeup trial is often one of the last things on your list when planning your special day. When it comes to your hair and makeup trial, I understand you may be feeling nervous, excited or a combination of the two. Whatever you are feeling, rest assured you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I have created this guide to help you feel as prepared as possible and to ensure you get the most out of your experience!


Choose your dress

Ensuring your hair and makeup work well with your dress is so important. Consider the overall style of the dress and things like its shape, materials, and neckline as these all have an impact on the hair and makeup. If you are planning to wear a veil, crown, or other hairpiece on your wedding day or maybe you have statement jewellery in mind, where possible, bring these items to your trial.


Pinterest is a great inspirational tool for creating mood boards but at the same time, it can also be full of unrealistic and heavily edited images. The images on sites like Pinterest and Instagram often show a style from one angle namely the back or front. Styles can look great from the back and sides but what about the front? Look for inspiration to incorporate into your wedding day look – know what you want, as well as what you don’t want!

Time of year

Consider the type of makeup look according to the time of year and the weather. A bold red lip can look fantastic for a winter wedding whereas for a summer wedding, you might choose a glowing, sweat-proof look.

Skin preparation

The key to a flawless makeup is a flawless base. Everyone has imperfections but preparing your skin in advance of your wedding will help the way the makeup sits on your skin. Having a good skincare routine is essential for healthy, clean, clear skin. In my experience ensuring you cleanse, tone, and moisturise morning and night along with drinking at least 2 litres of water per day (more if you exercise) is the best way to good skin.

Time to book

Around 6 months before your wedding day, let’s catch up and get a date in the diary. If you have a specific date in mind (maybe your hen do, or other special occasion), and would like to make the most of having your hair and makeup done, get in touch as soon as possible to check availability.


Salon or Mobile?

Trials can be carried out either at my home salon based in Sunniside or your location depending upon needs and circumstances. Whilst mobile trials are available, most brides tend to come to my salon and make a day out of it often combining a trial with a dress fitting so they can see how everything will come together!

When to book?

I always recommend brides have their hair and makeup trial at least 6 weeks prior to the wedding day allowing plenty of time for us to get to know one another and so that I get a real understanding of your vision for how you want to look on the day.


Monday – Friday 9:30am – 2:30pm and 4:00pm – 7:00pm Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Weekends are prioritised for weddings – weekday, daytime trials are best. Coming during the day is preferable in daylight hours so you get a more accurate idea of how you will look on the day itself.



Please ensure your hair is clean, dry, and free from any products. Wash and dry your hair the evening before or if necessary, first thing on the morning of your trial appointment. Do not arrive with dirty, unwashed, or wet hair.


With so many beautiful wedding hairstyles to choose from, I understand it can be hard to decide. I advise you pick two of your favourite styles then when you attend your trial, I will do a consultation with you where we can review your ideas assess your hair before establishing which style is best suited to your hair type, length and thickness. I will also be able to advise if you would benefit from getting some hair extensions.


Where possible, please bring all accessories you plan to wear on the wedding day to your trial so we can try them out and see how everything will come together. There is so much choice in terms of hair accessories, so it is no problem if you come with a selection for me to try out.

Hair Extensions

If you are planning to wear hair extensions and have them ready before for trial, please bring them with you. If you haven’t yet bought any hair extensions but wanted to get some advice first, that’s absolutely fine as I can often tell quite quickly after assessing your hair along with the style you are aiming for whether or not you need them first. If you do plan to purchase hair extensions in advance of your trial, please ensure they are 100% human hair bought from a reputable supplier. Any reputable supplier will provide you with a thorough consultation where they discuss the type and number of extensions you need and will carry out a colour matching service so you get the best shade and blend for your hair. Extensions which are 100% human hair means you can wash and style them with heated tools as you would do with your own hair plus, they can be re-used over and over providing they are looked after properly.


Bare face

Please arrive without any trace of makeup on – especially no mascara! Cleanse, tone and moisturise at least 10 minutes beforehand to allow the products to sink in.


Bring some images of how you normally wear your makeup during the day and for a special occasion. This will help me get an idea about how you wear your makeup as well as the amount of makeup you are used to.

Wedding album

When it comes to photography, digital colour can wash you out which is why as a makeup artist, I always recommend going a little heavier particularly with lipstick and blusher. Having makeup that looks glowing and dewy looks beautiful, but it is important not to overdo the highlighter otherwise you can appear shiny in your wedding album. More importantly, no one wants flashback or what some people call “ghost face” in their photographs which is why I only use products with no more than an SPF of 15.


What to wear

Where possible, choose a top similar in colour and neckline to mimic your wedding dress. Avoid dark colours and high necklines.

Length of trial

Please allow up to 1.5 hours for hair/makeup only trials and 2.5 hours for both. Some trials can take less time than allocated so use this as a guide and allow yourself plenty of time particularly if you have appointments elsewhere either before or after your trial.

One guest only

You are welcome to bring one family member or friend. Please make sure this is someone who’s opinions and ideas you admire.

Heading out after or perhaps you don’t want anyone to see?

If you are heading out after your trial and don’t want anyone to see your final wedding day hair and makeup look, I am happy to change things slightly so you still feel ready to go out but have something special to share on the day. For example, I could simply change your lipstick shade or leave your hair down and curly having previously been in an up do. It is also fine if you decide you want to remove your makeup - I have plenty of remover to hand!

Before and after images

With your permission I will take a few before and after photographs. It is important I have images of your look so I can refer to them on the wedding day and check if there are any changes you want to make. Where possible, please advise me about any changes in advance of the wedding day so I can be best prepared.

Wedding day top ups

Pop a few essential makeup products in a bag to top up with throughout the day. Lipstick is essential and a little powder, concealer and blusher will not go a miss!

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