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💇💄 How do you decide which bridal hair and makeup artist to go with?

With so many hair and make-up artists around now deciding who to choose can be difficult. Hair and makeup styles are constantly evolving and often artists have a certain look they like to create. As an artist, I create bespoke hair and makeup for brides and their bridal parties looking for a relaxed and personal service. Whatever your style, I will ensure your hair and makeup combines the most current look that work seamlessly with everything from your colour scheme and accessories through to that all important dress! You may have noticed on my Instagram feed that although some of my brides may have similarities in the look they have chosen, no two brides look the same.



Look for an artist that reflects your own style. If you prefer to look naturally enhanced …choose an artist who has a natural signature style. No point in choosing an artist that does full on glam if you prefer a more natural look.


Look at and take the time to read reviews. Reviews often provide a good insight to an artist’s personality. Past brides will have taken a lot of time to do this, and you will often get a real idea about the artist in terms of what they did for that bride in hair and makeup wise as well as their personality.


Follow artists social media platforms as these will be the most active with current content and images of recent work.


If you have a large wedding party, early ceremony time or simply want to have a super relaxed morning on your wedding, ask if the artist has a team. Having more than one artist can be a life saver in terms of reducing hassle and stress which after all that planning, and preparation is a welcome break!


Ask for recommendations from friends and wedding suppliers as they will always give you an honest opinion.


Personality is so important. Choose someone who you think will fit in with your morning.


Get in touch early most a lot of artists will be booked 12 or even 24 months in advance especially with peak dates on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


Be honest when you come for trial, bring ideas and have a consultation before you start so you know you both have an idea of the look your hoping to achieve.


This is an excellent tool for ideas and for creating mood boards. The best images to show your artist are those which have not been highly edited as you don’t want to have unrealistic expectations. Bear in mind when showing ideas to your artist that you will not look exactly the same as the photo. Features, face shapes, hair colour, length and thickness will all have a bearing on the final look. After all who wants to look like anyone else but themselves? Beauty is empowerment, not camouflage!

Blog written by Alice Quinn 2nd February 2023

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