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Makeup Artist Life - Depotting my kit!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Life is going to be some much easier now I can see all of my makeup!

I can't believe I didn't do this earlier but I guess things like this only come with experience. After having had a variety of makeup cases to carry all of my kit in (which kept getting bigger each year), I realised I was buying bags to fit all of the pallettes, lipsticks, tools and everything else I needed to carry around with me. After biting the bullet and investing in a Zuca hair stylist backpack and Zuca makeup artits pro trolley (which is also a seat)in 2018, I realised I was still struggling to fit all f my kit in. Although I managed to squeeze it in, this meant when came to pack up after a job, my kit never went back in the same way it came out which was extremely frustrating!

After looking at a few 'How to depot makeup' videos on YouTube then later and more specifically video's on how to depot the pallettes in my kit such as the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Pallette on the Z.Pallette website I eventually started the process.

To start off, before I tried depotting anything, I realised I needed to invest in a magnetic pallette in which to put my depotted makeup and after much research found an extra large double sided pallette by ADEPT COSMETICS which I purchased off eBay for around £43 including postage. Well what can I say this has turned out to be one of the best things I have ever bought as a makeup artist so much so that I bought a second a week later! The ADEPT pallette has saved me time and has enabled me to be more efficient as I can literally see all of my makeup in front of me which means no more wasting time rooting around my kit! You can check out the ADEPT pallette here As well as the ADEPT pallette, I also bought a depotting tool which is a double ended metal tool which you use to lift the pans out of the makeup pallettes. The tool can also be used for mixing and fixing makeup. As I soon found out some of my pans were not magnetic, I also invested in 100 magnetic stickers (50 rectangle and 50 round) which I got with my depotting tool for pennies off ebay.

By no means am I the best at depotting makeup (notice in the image where some of my eyeshadows and bronzers where my nail has accidently nicked the product) and although before I started the process was aware there was a special makeup depotting machine by Z.pallette called the Z Potter I would have invested i this before using more traditional techniques, I haven't yet been able to find one for a reasonable price on Amazon, Ebay or anywhere else that ships to the UK.

If you are planning to depot any of your own makeup or would like some advice and tips, please get in touch by emailing Through the process of depotting, some eyeshadows shattered so as a result, I have also become a dab hand at saving these so maybe that is going to be my next blog post!

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