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Spray Tan - instant confidence boost!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Until a few years ago I wasn't really into spray tans but having my own hairdressing and beauty business meant that I needed to diversity my services and as a result I felt it was time to train in spray tanning. ​After completing my Level 1 training with Sienna X at the beginning of September 2015, I instantly loved spray tanning and the effects it had on my confidence. Apart from all of the lovely comments about how gorgeous people thought my skin looked, I felt more toned, my skin tone was more even and I started to wear clothes that I wouldn't have done otherwise so out came the 3/4 trousers and vest tops, shorts to the gym, knee length skirts and other things I wouldn't normally have worn with white legs! All I need to do now is train close family and friends how to spray tan so that I can continue to feel amazing. Spray tans are not just for summer or special occasions as there are solutions to suit all skins types and seasons which means you can be sprayed all year round! Get an individual Sienna X or Suntana Spray Tan for £20. Alternatively block book two for £30 or better still have a spray tan party! Suntanta Solution: Rapid Vanilla and Strawberry - develops between 2-4 hours depending on depth of tone desired.

Fancy a Spray Tan? Get in touch!

T: 07858392866

Note: To download a PDF of this guide, just click on the file below.

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