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Hormones & Hair Loss - pregnancy and illness

Updated: May 20, 2020

Something I get asked about on a regular basis is hair loss during pregnancy and illness which is the reason for this blog. Clients always ask me what can I do about it? Hair growth patterns goes through many changes throughout a persons lifetime and some events like pregnancy and illness can have a major affect on things like the rate at which the hair sheds and returns. It is important to remember that these conditions tend to be temporary and over time after recovering from illness and pregnancy, the hair will generally return to its original condition and in turn the natural hair growth cycle. When pregnant, a woman's body undergoes many hormonal changes. One change is an increase in oestrogen production, which can affect the natural hair growth cycle. Higher level of estrogens when pregnant cause some hair follicles to shift into the anagen (growth) phase of the cycle, so an above average number of follicles are producing hair during this time. The increased estrogens will also inhibit some follicles that are in the catagen (shedding) phase so less hair is lost during this time. With this in mind, many pregnant women report experiencing having increased hair thickness, volume, length, and condition. However, the period of hair growth is temporary as after childbirth, the effects can be reversed. During the period after childbirth when hair loss can seem never-ending and things like confidence and self-esteem and in some cases depression can result, it is vital you know what is available to support you through this. The first thing to do is to realise in most cases things will eventually return to normal. Products such as NIOXIN which are designed to promote hair growth and thickness are raved about in the industry. When tying your hair back, ensure you do this loosely so as to not cause traction on the hairline and reduce the focus on the areas of hair loss which can be often be around the temple area. Try creating volume at the roots by back combing or using a volume dust powder such as MATRIX Mega Dust. Creating focus in areas where the hair loss is less evident will direct the focus to these areas. Invest in a Tangle Teezer for brushing the hair with when wet and dry so as not to increase drag and breakage which often occurs when brushing with a regular brush. If hair loss continues to persist for several months, go and see your GP for reassurance. To read more about NIOXIN by Wella as well as changes and hair loss during and after pregnancy and illness, check out the following pages and article from the hair loss expert.

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