Terms & Conditions

Service Disclaimer: To ensure you have the best possible experience and that the services you select are suitable for you, I will conduct a consultation with you in advance of any booking during which you will be asked to disclose any medical conditions (current or historical), medications, ailments or any other factor (for example pregnancy, past surgery, skin conditions, recent strenuous exercise etc) which may lead to you having a negative reaction to a service or treatment. It is your responsibility to bring any factors or conditions to my attention before the commencement of a service. I am within my rights to decline to treat a customer if they have any concern that a treatment might have a negative consequence. I do this for your own well-being. In such an instance you would be offered a more suitable treatment or a full refund. Depending upon which service(s) you have booked, you will be required to complete a customer record card and/or sign an indemnity waiver before commencement of a service to:

1. Release Wonderland Hair & Beauty By Alice from any liability for any negative consequences of a service.

2. Release Wonderland Hair & Beauty By Alice or any other professionals including substitutes providing your service/s from liability arising from any negative consequence of a service that does not a result from the professional’s own negligence.

3. If you have any queries about your suitability for a service and would like to discuss this in confidence before booking please email me at wonderlandhairbyalice@outlook.com or call 07858392866.


Non-refundable booking fee: 50% of the total service cost is to be paid upfront to confirm your booking with the remaining balance to be paid either before or on the day depending upon the type of booking e.g. Wedding bookings are required to be paid for in full 6 weeks (42 days) in advance of the day. The only exception to this clause is if I have agreed a payment plan with you.

Payment Plans: In certain circumstances, it is at my discretion to agree a payment plan with customers to help spread the costs over a set period of time leading up to but not beyond 6 weeks (42 days) prior the event. In the event you decide to make any changes to your booking after you have agreed to the final fee, you will only be refunded 50% of the costs for any services originally booked but cancelled permitting you do so within 6 weeks (42 days). I reserve the right to retain the full costs of any services originally booked and cancelled beyond 6 weeks (42 days) prior to your event.


Cancellations, Rescheduling & Refunds

Cancellation by you: If you decide to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please inform me no less than 24 hours in advance. Anything cancelled and not rescheduled over will result in loss of your booking fee. If you decide to cancel a booking that has been made 6 weeks or more in advance which has been paid for in full, permitting you cancel within 6 weeks (42 days) of your appointment, you will be eligible for a 50% refund. Any advanced booking(s) cancelled more than 6 weeks (42 days) of your appointment will result in the loss of your booking fee. For group bookings such as; Weddings, you are required to pay the remaining balance no more than 6 weeks (42 days) prior the event date. If you decide to cancel your booking more than 6 weeks (42 days) prior you will not be eligible for a refund. This also applies to customers with whom I have agreed a payment plan.

Cancellation by me: In the event I am unable to carry out your appointment, with your permission, I will first look to get another artist to cover your booking on my behalf. If I am unable to find another artist(s), in this instance a full refund will be provided.
Rescheduling: Where possible and if desired, I will try to find an alternative appointment for you, either on the same day you have booked or on another day. For customers who have booked services requiring over 2 hours to be allocated for their booking whether in salon or mobile, in the event you decide to reschedule or cancel last minute such as on the day of your booking, I reserve the right to retain your current and charge either a full or percentage of a new booking fee.

Refunds: Usually issued promptly and in no more than 14 days.


Adding and/or transferring services before or on the day: I understand particularly with advanced bookings such as Weddings that things can change both leading up to and on the day of the event. Whether you wish to transfer a service to another individual, exchange or book additional services either for those already part of the original booking or others, please inform me as soon as possible so I can attempt to make any necessary changes to be able to accommodate you as best I can. A change in timings and/or organising additional artists to help with your booking are just some examples of what I may need to do to be able to accommodate any changes. Any additional services booked will be added to your original invoice which will be sent to you. A non-refundable booking fee that is 50% of the cost of any additional services booked must be paid for if booked up to 6 weeks (42 days) prior. Additional services booked beyond weeks (42 days) prior to the date of your event must be paid for upfront and in full. Services added on the day must be paid for immediately by bank transfer, card reader, PayPal or cash.

Refusal of service provision: I reserve the right to refuse provision of services in the event I deem a situation or the environment in which I find myself to be unsafe and one that I feel is putting either myself and/or others at risk. Examples of situations may include customers who are heavily intoxicated on alcohol and/or drugs deeming it unsafe and/or impossible to carry out a service not just for my own safety but for that of the customer. In the event I choose to refuse a service, you will not be eligible for a refund either or of your booking or full-service fee if this was paid prior to your booking.


Force Majeure: I am unable to accept any liability or pay compensation for any event classed as a Force Majeure. Force Majeure is defined as circumstances which prevent the performance of the contract which are totally outside our control, and include but are not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, industrial action or dispute, technical problems to transport, port closure, congestion at a port or airport, epidemic or disease.

Substitution: As with any job, there may be rare times when I am unable to carry out a booking. In the event I am unable to attend an appointment due to mitigating circumstances, I have a pool of alternative professionals who have been checked and vetted who I can recommend to act as a substitute on my behalf. In the instance you are not comfortable with this arrangement and wish to cancel your appointment, a full refund can be provided. In the unlikely event I am unable source another professional or if you do not wish for me to find a substitute, I can either find an alternative date for your appointment or arrange a refund of your booking or full-service fee.

Wonderland Hair & Makeup Team: As well as working independently, I have a team of hair and makeup artists all over the North East who I can arrange to work with me or on my behalf whatever the occasion! All hair and makeup artists are self-employed and have been checked and vetted to ensure they are fully qualified, insured and experienced to offer the services for which they are booked. No matter how many people require hair and makeup services, with a team, you can get ready without hassle or stress whether its across one or more locations! For hair and makeup team bookings, I am acting as an intermediary to connect hair and makeup artists to customers for private, small and large group bookings, Pop up Salons and events in exchange for a commission fee to cover the marketing, organisation and management of these bookings. Get in touch for more information at wonderlandhairbyalice@outlook.com or call 07858392866.  

Keeping your information safe: I only request data from you so that I have all the information I need to ensure the service(s) you have selected are suitable for you and to ensure that you have the best experience possible. You can request at any time that I destroy any data I hold on you by emailing wonderlandhairbyalice@outlook.com.  I will always comply with such a request unless to do so would breach one of our legal obligations.  If you would like to view a full copy of my Data Protection Policy please email me.

Not as expected? Let me know: I am keen to ensure you have the best possible experience.  If something was not as you expected or you have a complaint get in touch with me via phone on 07858392866 or email wonderlandhairbyalice@outlook.com so I have the opportunity to make it right. In the event anything wasn’t expected, or you have a complaint about services provided by any of the hair and makeup team, please get in touch directly with the professional(s) that served you, so they have the opportunity to make it right.  All follow ups on complaints are dealt with at the professional’s discretion.  If you would like to view a copy of my Complaints Procedure, please email wonderlandhairbyalice@outlook.com.

Please print, sign and date to say you have read, understood and agree with these terms and conditions.

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