Bond Ultim8 Bond Protecting System by MATRIX

June 7, 2017






Matrix have created Bond Ultim8, a hair bond protector and preserver. Bond Ultim8 is used both during and after a colour or lightening service to preserve and protect bonds. Bond Ultim8 will leave your hair looking healthier, feeling softer and deeply nourished. Bond Ultim8 can also be used as a stand-alone treatment for those who still desire the effects without the colour! 

According to Mary Forster in an article on HJi, she states

"69% of women say their hair is the most important part of their look*, therefore, your clients want to leave the salon with hair that looks and feels good."

Benefits in one product!

  • Helps protect bonds during pre-lightening

  • Maintains expected lift

  • No reformulation needed

  • No additional time needed

  • Helps prevent hair breakage

  • Helps preserve hair fibres

  • Deeply nourishes

  • Hair looks healthier

This product is prefect for all clients with or without coloured or lightened hair as it will help with any damage caused by heat from a hairdryer or hot tools which I am sure we all use. If you answer yes to any of these questions then Bond Ultim8 might just be for you!

  • I use a hairdryer

  • I use hot tools; straighteners/tongs

  • I have colour treated hair; semi-permanent, demi-permanent or permanent

  • I have my hair lightened; highlights, cap or balyage

  • I have dry mid lengths and ends

  • I have had colour corrections; colour removed, pre-lightened and/or re-coloured

  • I get colour fade on the mid-lenghts and ends as my hair is quite porous

  • I have coloured my own hair using the same strength developer from root to tip so it has become darker on the mid lengths and ends and so has become over-processed and porous

  • I get a lot of split ends (19/12/16)