Remove your gel polish safely and effectively with a mini gel polsh removal pack. 


What's included? 
X10 wraps
X1 30ml OPI expert touch lacquer remover
X1 pair of clear plastic gloves


Removal steps

  • Lightly buff the top surface off the gel polish using a white block or low grade nail file
  • Soak pad on foil wraps with acetone and wrap around each nail.
  • Place nails in a warm area such as; within a towel or warm bowl of water (enables polish to be removed quickly and easily).
  • Unwrap the foil of the nail you first started with then using an orange stick or cuticle tool, gently push off the polish. If the polish is proving stubborn, wrap the nail back up for a few extra minutes or repeat the process over. 
  • Wipe nails with acetone, wash, apply a nail treatment such as OPI Nail Envy followed by cuticle oil massaged into the cuticles both on top of and underneath the nail. 
  • Tip - whilst you are wearing gel nail polish, we recommend you apply cuticle oil both on top of and under the nail to help nourish and maintain the health of the nail. 

Gel Polish Removal Pack

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